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Spiral Rib Hat

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Hat measures about 14" around and will fit a small baby. 
See below for how to adapt for other sizes.

I used DK wool  - about 50g
4.5mm dpns (a 12" circular would be OK for the main part)
Gauge - 5 sts = 1"

Cast on 72 sts and join into circle.
Work 12 rounds in 2/2 rib.

Work in spiral rib patt as follows:
Rounds 1-3: (k3 p3) 12 times
Rounds 4-6: p1 (k3 p3) 11 times, k3 p2
Rounds 7-9: p2 (k3 p3) 11 times, k3 p1
Rounds 10-12: p3 (k3 p3) 11 times, k3
Rounds 13-15: k1 p3 (k3 p3) 11 times, k2
Rounds 16-18: k2 p3 (k3 p3) 11 times, k1
Repeat these 18 rounds once

Shape top:
R1 (k3 p1 p2 tog) 12 times
R2 (k3 p2) 12 times
R3 (k3 p2tog) 12 times
R4 knit
R5 (k2 k2tog) 12 times
R6 (k1 k2tog) 12 times
R7 (k2tog) 12 times **
R8 (k2tog) 6 times
R9 (k2tog) 3 times
Work I-cord on remaining sts - I did about 2" then finished it off and tied a knot in it.
** If you don't want the I-cord you can stop at this point, draw up the remaining sts and finish off.

To adapt for other sizes:
The patt is in a multiple of 6, so you can adapt this to bigger (or smaller) sizes easily.
Cast on as many as you need and work the body as long as you want.

2-colour version
Instead of k3 p3, work * k3 colour A, k3 colour B*.

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Copyright 2001 Lorraine J Major
This is for your personal use and neither this pattern nor items made from it may be used for financial gain.