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V-neck cardigan

baby v-neck
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Both these garments have been knitted to the same basic instructions (stitches and rows).
The only seam is across the top of the sleeves, and even that can be eliminated by grafting or by casting off both pieces together.

The preemie version is knitted with Shepherd 3-ply baby wool, at 6 sts to 1" over garter st and measures 15" around.
The baby version is worked in 8-ply wool, at 5 sts to 1" over garter st and measures 18" around.

The preemie version shown does not have a separate border, the baby version has a sideways border knitted around the front edge and cuffs. That helps tidy up the yarn ends from the colour changes. Refer to the notes at the end for details.

Pattern stitches used on the baby one shown are chain stripes on the lower section, and 2 row garter st stripes on the top half.

V-neck Cardigan for Preemie or Small Baby


Preemie:  Less than 50g baby wool.   
Needles: 3.75mm or size you require to give tension (gauge) of 6 sts per inch

Baby:  Approx 100g DK weight (8 ply) wool.  
Needles: 4.5mm or size you require to give tension (gauge) of 5 sts per inch.

Lower body: Cast on 93 sts, work in garter st for 55 rows, working buttonholes on rows 39 and 53 as follows: k2tog, yo, k to end.

Right front and sleeve: Knit 25 sts, cast on 18; leave all other sts on a length of spare wool.
Work 5 more rows on these 43 sts, then start v-neck shaping each 4th row inside 3 border sts - k3, k2tog, k to end.
Continue until 36 rows have been completed on sleeve (35 sts)
Cast off.

Left front and sleeve: Slip last 25 sts from spare wool onto a needle, cast on 18, k to end.
Work same as right front with neck shaping as follows : K to last 5 sts, K2tog, k3.

Back and sleeves: Slip remaining 43 body sts on to needle.
Pick up and knit 18 sts from cast on edge of right sleeve, knit across 43 back sts, pick up and knit 18 sts from cast on edge of left sleeve.
Knit straight for 36 rows.
Cast off 32 at beginning of next 2 rows.
Knit 6 rows across remaining sts for back of neck.
Cast off.

To complete: Join seams along top of sleeves, noting that 3 border sts on fronts are joined to sides of rows worked across back neck.

Notes and Variations

Copyright 1993 Lorraine J Major
This is for your personal use and neither this pattern nor items made from it may be used for financial gain.