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Lorraine's Knitting Gallery

Some of these are my own invention, others are my version of other people's patterns.

Click on any photo for its details page to see more information and a bigger view.
(In some cases you will find close-ups of stitch patterns used.)

I will be posting more of my creations here soon.

Original designs

slip st jacket.jpg (32710 bytes)

diagonal1.JPG (23177 bytes) BabyLace1.JPG (32504 bytes) shawl01a.jpg (8048 bytes)
diagonal2.JPG (20358 bytes) BabyLace2.JPG (34789 bytes)

My versions of Other People's designs

wallaby.JPG (26459 bytes) surprise1.JPG (28184 bytes) badger.JPG (13646 bytes) 4tam-2.jpg (17604 bytes)